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  • Main messaging routing service

    Core services that enable company-to-peer and peer-to-peer routing of messages within the platform

  • Twnel web services for company agents

    Services that enable company administration, messages retrieval and managing conversations between companies, web-partners and mobile-partners (contacts)

    • Conversations

      Services supporting the interactions between agents and contacts

    • Messages

      Services supporting messaging handling by agents

    • Metrics

      Infrastructure in charge of collecting events displayed by the Metrics section within Twnel's web app for companies

  • Twnel Messenger for iOS and Android users

    Services supporting Twnel Messenger users

    • Push notifications

      Collection of services that support push notifications for iOS, Android and Web-enabled-notification applications

    • Contacts synchronization

      Services that allows Twnel Messenger users to handle contact syncing operations

  • Bots and automations

    Services supporting Twnel Bots for mobile users

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